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How to buy safely with Pocket Mall

Buying safely is easy when you understand the basics. Follow these simple steps to ensure a safer purchase.

The information is intended to help you understand the basics of buying safely, and shouldn't be considered legal advice.

1. Check - Product and Instagram profile

Always review a seller's Instagram account and read the entire item description carefully before you buy.

2. Ask questions

By asking questions via Whatsapp you get a good feeling about the seller before you make a purchase.

3. Payments

Always use a safe payment method to complete your transaction. The safest payment options are PayPal or credit cards for those sellers who accept credit cards directly. (The seller will never see details about your bank account or credit card when you use PayPal.)

Not all sellers accept PayPal or credit cards. If a seller doesn't accept these, then personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and bank-to-bank wire transfers all provide reasonable levels of safety in most transactions…but they don't provide as much protection if you don't receive satisfactory goods. The most risky forms of payment are cash and "instant cash transfer" services like Western Union or MoneyGram.

4. Check and double check

Double check the list above one more time just to be sure.

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